Everything You Need to Know About Website Builders

Wix vs. Weebly – Who Wins?


Having a presence on the web is important for everyone in modern society to have. Although having a web presence is important for everyone, knowing how to code a website isn’t. Fortunately, there are a few services you can use that make it so anyone can create a website regardless of the level of programming knowledge they have. Two of the most popular options for creating a website without programming knowledge are Wix and Weebly. Deciding between the two can vary depending on what is important to you. Let’s first focus on what makes a good website builder. Ease of Use Ease of use is important when selecting a website builder. Considering that most people who use website builders are not computer programers, making sure the interface and user experience is easy to use for all skill levels is important. Resources Resources in this situation actually refers to how much storage and bandwidth you are able to get with the provider. Storage refers to how many pages, images and how much overall content you can add to your website. Bandwidth refers to how many visitors you can have to your website without experiencing technical issues. The importance of this criteria …

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WordPress vs. Website Builders

websites should be easy to create

People often ask me about WordPress – can it be used to build their website? is it better than a website builder? well, it depends… WordPress is a free platform that was developed originally to allow people to easily create blogs. Over the years, as it gained popularity (and become the number one platform to manage websites) WordPress morphed into a content management system for any type of website. Thousands of programmers write apps (plug-ins) that add muscle to WordPress – shopping carts, carousel photo galleries, SEO tools, calendar and scheduling, etc. Many designers create skins (called themes) to WordPress that allow you to change the look of the whole website in seconds, at least in theory. Editing pages is easy and can be done with styling buttons that work like Office products – add a photo or video, underline, bold, change font type and color, bullet points, etc. So far so good. The downside is that WordPress requires some HTML knowledge if you want to make certain things on the page look good and accurate. From my experience, even when I created WordPress websites for clients and trained them on how to use it to modify pages, they end …

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