Weebly is one of the easiest website builders to use. When creating a new weebly account, the first thing you do is choose a theme. You can easily preview each theme before choosing it, and if you change your mind you can always change the theme as you go along. You then choose a domain name, and progress to the site planner to design the layout of the website.

Some Pros Include:

Weebly also allows you to change the structure of your chosen preset theme. It allows you to easily add columns to a webpage, or divide sections as you wish.

Search Engines Make Your Website Easy to Find

Weebly makes your websites easy to find by using various search engines such as Google and Bing.

Google AdSense Feature Lets You Gain Money

Weebly has a Google AdSense feature that lets you gain money from your website by having Adverts on your website that are related to your site content.

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