Webs.com is a good website builder for those who do not have any website building experience. It is easy to understand and navigate, and set-up is quick and easy.

Selecting a Design

Webs website builder comes with a variety of website themes to choose from, and after choosing your theme, you can use its drag and drop feature to add and arrange components like text paragraphs, images, videos, audio, and a map.

Designing Your Homepage

The drag and drop feature is a little confusing at first, but once you get used to it, it’s actually a really nice way to organize your webpage just the way you want it. This gives the page a neat and organized look to it. Webs.com site builder actually auto-saves all your work, so if you make a change that you might have forgotten to save before you publish your page, you don’t have to worry because it will be there when its published.

Add a Social Media Feel

Webs allows you to add social media boxes to your website that allows your viewers to follow or mention your business on twitter, like your page and leave comments on facebook and share your website with their friends.

Commerce Feature for Selling Online

Webs also comes with a commerce feature that lets you include boxes on your website for viewers to buy items you might be selling online. Also, there is a donate feature for viewers to donate money to your website. This is an advantage because people can help fund your website and keep it alive.

Choosing the Right Package

Webs comes with three premium package options, separate from the free option, each based on two year plan. The options are:

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