Shopify is an easy and structured way to create an online store, and the set-up is also very quick and easy. Although you have to pay for a website, Shopify offers a fourteen day free trial for you to get your online store up and running, before choosing one of their many packages.

Customize Your Website Just the Way You Want It

Shopify has a theme store where they let you choose over a hundred professional looking themes both free and premium. Each design template has its own settings that you can easily customize to fit your taste.

Some Pros:

Shopify comes with three main package options that include a fourteen day free trial, plus a simpler option in a starter package that costs $14/month. They also have an enterprise option if you plan to selling millions each year. The options are:

Shopify Experts Available to Help

If you are completely new to web design and creating a website, or are just not sure of what you want, Shopify experts are available to you create your website. They also include marketers and developers that will help create success for your online store.

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