Website Tools

Google Analytics – Free service that is offered by Google to help track statistics about a website including traffic sources, entrance keywords and more. This service also provides top of the line Search Engine Optimization which helps website owners to know information such as how Google searches leads to their website, and how many viewers each month. In addition, website owners can also track viewers activities on the website, and their time spent on the website.

Google Webmasters - Another excellent free service by Google to help check indexing status, analyze back links, check for 404 errors, monitor malware and more. This tool not only shows the webmasters leads to their websites from Google searches, but also reports back broken links on the website and lets the webmaster submit and check sitemaps to the website. Also, it lets the webmasters know the internal and external pages that link viewers to their website.

Istockphoto -An online database of royalty-free photos which provides customers with cheaper options for photos to use for various websites, and online galleries or posters. iStockphoto not only has databases for images, but also for videos, illustrations, audio, and editorial images which include images of celebrities and more. Customers pay for credits and with those credits they pay for images. Price of each image ranges between 1 and 150 credits.

ShutterstockAnother online database, shutterstock also provides customers with royalty free photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos. Shuttershock allows photographers, videographers, designers and illustrators to share their work with customers that look for them. Customers pay through a subscription plans that let them download 25 images a day for as long as their subscription lasts.  Shuttershock provides services to customers in over 150 countries.

123rfAnother online library providing its users with royalty free photos, 123rf is a free service, which allows photographers, illustrators, and more to share their work and sell them to customers looking for royalty-free images. Customers can pay either with credit for purchases made once in a while, or subscriptions for customers who need photos on daily basis. 123RF is also available on mobile devices and available in 12 languages for international customers.

WordPress - Wordpress is a free publishing platform for users to create website or blogs of any kind, personal or business, and publish them online, and allows users to have more than one blog at the same time.  It is also a content managing program that lets users publish, edit, and modify their content. WordPress has many features including a variety of themes for users to choose from, plugins for users to have on their pages, and many more.

MagentoMagento is an ecommerce platform that provides users with businesses who want to sell their products online. It has different options for different levels of businesses such as an enterprise edition for fast-growing and large businesses, or a community edition for sellers who are developers and tech-savvy enough to test the complexity of what Magneto has to offer, and then Magento Go for sellers who are just getting started in business or have small businesses.

Joomla – Joomla is a website for users to create websites and publish web content. Joomla is easy to use and install even for those who aren’t tech savvy.  It is used by a variety of different kinds of consumers with websites such as cooperate restaurant chains, magazines, social networking, retailers, ecommerce and many more. Joomla has different templates and extensions that optimize the help users experience using it to create their websites.