1and 1 is one of the more complicated website builders to use. Before beginning, there is the hassle to register and pay before you can start designing a website. But after paying and choosing a package plan, it is then relatively easy to design your website. For a newbie to web design, it will take a little time to get used to.

Layout Options

Unlike some website builders like web.com, there are about 200 different website layouts under each category to choose from, while this is a good variety and everyone would be sure to find their right style, this makes it a little annoying and time consuming to find the perfect layout.

Designing Your Website

1and1 has a variety of different business categories to choose from. You can choose your background header image from a list of different options, or you can upload your own image. Unlike most other website builders, 1and1 allows you to change the position, brightness, and sharpness of the header image. The title is placed directly on the header image, so you can give the title its own background and change the opacity of that background. This is a disadvantage because it does not allow you to remove the title from the header image, so it blocks some of the header image.

Drag and Drop to Insert Elements

1and1 also has a drag and drop feature where it allows you insert new sections and apps to the website like text boxes, tables, images and many more.



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