Designing a website using hub is easier than some others, but also a little complicated than the rest. Before you create a website, you are allowed to start building and designing one before you register it, unlike other website builders that force you to pay before you try them. But it can be complicated when adding sections to your page.

First you select the type of site you want to create; this could be a website, a blog, or an online photo gallery.

Designing Your Website

You then choose your layout and design, and after that you will then be able to add sections to your page like home, about me, photos, contact, and more. Then you can edit the design of your page by typing the content and adding things like an online status indicator, voting, and feedback sections.

You can then preview your website, and if you wanted to commit fully to what you have chosen, you would then be redirected to create an account and purchase a domain name or a hosting plan and make your website live.

Some Pros of using this website builder include:

Domain Privacy

They also allow you to have an option to secure your personal information used to sign up on the website, and instead make the hub’s information available to the public instead of your own. This way, you can keep your name, email and number private so that you wouldn’t be hacked or contacted by telemarketers.

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