Review is a very popular site building website, and that’s because it’s very clear and easy to use, and relatively cheap. Unlike most website builders, GoDaddy gives you the time limit to choose from so you don’t have to commit for too long. It is straightforward and not complicated, and would not be a challenge for those that might not be technically savvy.

Choosing Your Plan comes with three different plans to choose from when building your website. These plans include:

After you begin, you can either type in your own domain, or create a sub-domain from sub-domain ( After creating a domain name, you are then taken to choose a layout.

Designing Your Page

When choosing a theme, you have from about fifteen different categories to choose from. Some examples include; Business, Finance, Law, Music, Entertainment and Health and Beauty. Before choosing a theme, you can preview a full-screen version of it, and if you like it, you select it to begin editing. Once you choose a theme, it takes you to a page to begin designing, and there is an immediate tutorial that makes things so clear and easy to understand.

Some pros include:

Customize by adding features

One of the many drag and drop options is adding in YouTube videos just by a drag and drop procedure, and if you would like to choose a different video, you can easily edit it just by adding the YouTube link of the video you want.

You can upload pictures either from your computer, or from Facebook and Instagram, or choose one of the many free photos they provide. You can also choose to put a slideshow on your page.

You can also add Google Maps to your website to make your viewers locate you or your business from wherever they may be.

Apps and Social features

With Godaddy, you can add many apps to your page. So many of them are categorized depending on the type of business you have. Some examples include instant menu and eCommerce services.

Goddady gives you the options to add in Social Network buttons to allow people to be able to connect to you through social media and also encourages them to share/tweet your website to their friends.